We Need Substitutes

https://www.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=3616556&print&previewOESU is looking for substitute teachers, nurses, paraprofessionals, custodians, maintenance workers, and kitchen and support staff.  Being a substitute is a great chance to earn extra income, while having a flexible schedule where you decide when and where to work!

6 Steps to Becoming a Substitute

1. Complete an application on SchoolSpring.com
The job ID for substitute nurses is: 3616556, the job ID for all other sub positions is 3616311.  Substitute custodians are job ID number 3616554 and for substitute food service is job ID number 3616553.

No computer? No problem! Contact the OESU office to set up an appointment to come into our office and complete it in our office.

2. Schedule an interview

Within 5-7 business days of completing your application, you’ll be contacted to schedule a time to interview for the substitute position.

3. Complete paperwork at OESU

Once you have been offered a substitute position, schedule an appointment to come in to complete paperwork for employment, payroll, and your background check.  You’ll need to bring I-9 verification and a check for $13.25 for your background check.

4. After meeting with OESU, have your fingerprints taken
At your appointment, you’ll receive a list of police departments where you can have your fingerprints done, and a form you are required to bring to the police station.

5. Mail your fingerprinting receipt to the OESU office
When you have your fingerprints done, the police department should give you a receipt. You must mail this to the OESU office, as we must have proof on file that this step is complete.

6. If you are looking to substitute for a teacher, you must complete the SubSkills Training course from Stedi and email the certificate to hrpayroll@oesu.org
If you have a teaching license, bachelor’s degree, or have already completed a substitute training course, you can skip this, but we’ll need proof of your license, degree, or certificate.

To sign up for the Stedi training:

  1. Go to stedi.org and choose “SHOP”
  2. Select the SubSkills option you’d like and Add to Cart.
  3. Proceed to Check Out.

You are required to complete all of these steps before you are eligible to be placed on the substitute list!