Migrant Education

“The federal Migrant Education Program was initially created as part of Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty in the 1960’s. Currently running strong across our entire nation, Migrant Education Programs serve hundreds of thousands of migrant students each year.”


Eligibility For Vermont Migrant Education Program Services

From: http://education.vermont.gov/new/html/pgm_migrant/eligibility.html

Vermont’s Migrant Education Program contracts with UVM Extension to employ a team of recruiters who visit schools and farms across the state to find eligible migrant students. Recruiters are trained to interview families and youth, and to document eligibility decisions on standardized forms. After careful consideration by the State Identification & Recruitment Coordinator and the State Director of Migrant Education, child eligibility determinations are made.

According to the law, a child is a Migratory Child and eligible for migrant education services if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. AGE: The child is younger than age 22
  2. SCHOOL COMPLETION: The child is eligible for a free public education under state law and does not have a diploma or equivalent
  3. MOVE: The child moved on his or her own as a migratory agricultural worker/fisher OR the child moved with or to join/precede a parent, spouse, or guardian who is a migratory agricultural worker/fisher , AND The move was from one school district to another, AND The move was a change from one residence to another residence, AND The move was due to economic necessity, AND The move occurred within the past 36 months
  4. PURPOSE OF MOVE: One purpose of the worker’s move was to seek or obtain qualifying work
  5. QUALIFYING WORK: The employment is seasonal or temporary AND the work is agricultural or fishing

Agricultural work is defined as the production or initial processing of crops, dairy products, poultry, or livestock, as well as the cultivation or harvesting of trees. It consists of work performed for wages or for personal subsistence (those who consume a substantial portion of their food intake due to economic necessity).

Vermont Migrant Education Program Contact Information

  • Franklin County *Louise Ferland * 28 Catherine St. * St. Albans, VT 05478 * 802-524-1544 lferland@fcsuvt.org
  • Addison – Rutland * Carol Wood * 3625 Case St. * Middlebury, VT 05753 *802-388-3344 bizaad@comcast.net
  • Northeast Kingdom * Dawn Powers * 55 Seymour Lane, Suite 11 * Newport, VT 05855 * 802-334-6532 dawn.powers@neklsvt.org
  • ​Mini-grant Region UVM Extension * Erin Shea * 617 Comstock Road, Suite 5 * Berlin, VT * 05602 * 802-223-2389 Ext.208 erin.shea@uvm.edu

​The following OESU personnel provide leadership and planning for Migrant Ed. services in their schools :

  • Bradford Elementary: Adam Norwood, Principal
  • Newbury Elementary: Chance Lindsley, Principal
  • Oxbow Union High: Jean Wheeler, Principal
  • Thetford Elementary: Kevin Petrone, Principal
  • Thetford Academy: Kevin Petrone, Thetford LEA
  • Waits River Valley: Carlotta Perantoni, Principal