Early Education Services

Educational Services and Prekindergarten Tuition Information for children ages 3 to 5


Educational Services

Licensed Early Childhood Special Educators help preschool age children develop important skills through support to families and access to local preschool settings.

Preschool children’s age-appropriate development is supported through:

  • Free developmental screenings in a comfortable play-based setting using Ages and Stages questionnaires
  • Identifying typical development
  • Identifying developmental challenges
  • Providing child-centered early childhood special education services that allow a child to ~
    • participate in typical early childhood activities to the best of their abilities
    • reach their full learning potential
    • prepare them for the next learning environment

If you have concerns about your child’s development between screenings, please contact our program.


Prekindergarten Tuition Information

Parents may enroll 3, 4 & 5 year old children with their local schools to access tuition for 10 hours per week for 35 weeks of the school year.  Children must be age 3 by the first day of school.  5 year olds may not be eligible Kindergarten.

Children must attend prequalified programs.

A list of prequalified early learning programs can be found at brightfutures.dcf.state.vt.us

If your child is a resident of Bradford, Newbury, Corinth, Groton, Topsham, Ryegate, Thetford or Wells River and you would like to request tuition, please register with your local school by downloading the registration packet.

Forms may be printed and mailed to the local school or submitted via email as an attachment.

Registration is only complete when all documents have been received.