Salary Advancement

Salary Schedule Advancement Procedure

Horizontal movement on the schedule will be granted, based on credits earned in the following manner, provided such credits have prior approval of the Superintendent:

  1. Successful completion of a course at an accredited college or university, this course must be relevant to the teacher’s field of teaching.
  2. Successful completion of a minimum of fifteen hours in a workshop, institute, or similar education activity related to a teacher’s field of teaching provided a plan of implementation is filed with the Superintendent​.

To be eligible for salary schedule column advancement a teacher must:

  1. Notify the Superintendent by December 15 of the school year preceding the effective date of said advancement (email is suffice). The superintendent’s office will inform the teacher they are in receipt of the notification.
  2. The Salary Schedule Advancement Verification and the Implementation Plan Forms will be sent to teacher on or after December 15. The forms can also be found on the OESU website under the Human Resource tab.
  3. Completion of forms
    1. Salary Schedule Advancement Verification: Complete and turn into the Superintendent when all credits are awarded and documented. Documentation is to accompany verification form, unless it is already on file at central office.
    2. Implementation Plan for Salary Schedule Advancement: Complete only if using a minimum of fifteen hours of workshop, institute, or similar educational activity (not needed when credit is earned from an accredited institute). Workshop hours must be aligned/related to one another. More than one plan may be completed depending on the amount of hours being used for advancement (at least 15 related hours per plan). For example: 15 hours of related science workshops would be one plan and 15 hours of related math workshops would be a second plan. Thus consisting of a total of 30 hours used toward salary advancement. (15 hours is equivalent to 1 credit). Plan may be turned into superintendent for approval anytime prior to or at the time of salary advancement. Superintendent must approve plan prior to salary advancement.
  4. Teacher’s salary will be adjusted to reflect the column advancement on the second pay date following the Superintendent’s receipt of the appropriate documentation.