ESSER Grants & Reopening Plans

ESSER Grants & Reopening Plans

Fall 2021 Opening of School: Orange East Supervisory Union plans to follow the most recent, updated guidance coming from the Agency of Education and will continue to update this area of our website with information relevant to the opening of school for Fall of 2021. At this point in time the most recent guidance available is titled Instructional Operations for Fall 2021. This guidance indicates it is likely we will no longer be in a state of emergency in the Fall of 2021 and that the State will return to the normal regulatory framework for operating schools.

Should we find ourselves back in a state of emergency caused by the pandemic, schools will utilize their Fall 2020 Plans along with any updated guidance from the Agency of Education to make decisions necessary to maintain instructional operations and a safe learning environment.

Blue Mountain Union (grades 8-12) and Oxbow High School will continue their partnership with Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative to offer remote learning options.

Grant Funding: Orange East Supervisory Union has and will receive funding through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). ESSER funds will be distributed in three allocations coming from three different Acts. The following table lists Orange East Supervisory Union’s allocation from each funding source. (These are the amounts OESU will receive.)

Funding SourceAmountStatusAct
ESSER 1$619,541Received, invested; and fully approved by the Agency of Education (6/7/2021)Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act (CARE’S Act)
ESSER 2$2,959,749Received, partially invested (6/7/2021)Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act 2021(CRRSA)
*ESSER 3$6,641,735

OESU does not currently have access to this allocation. The process of Meaningful Consultation must occur first and public input must be included in the plan before gaining access to the funds.
*Partially received in our grant system but not accessible. Not invested. This grant is currently in phase 1 of the application process and will not be in Phase 2 until August 2021. (6/7/2021)

American Rescue Plan (ARP)

*Meaningful Consultation: OESU must invite public comment and input into the decision making process for utilizing ARP ESSER (ESSER 3) funds. The US Department of Education requires LEAs to complete Meaningful Consultation and provide evidence public input was incorporated into the plan and the plan must be approved at the state level and then shared with the public.

Please review our Needs Assessment and Draft Plan and send comments to Nicole Bell at OESU and/or complete this 5 question survey: Access Survey Here.

Orange East Supervisory Union will develop a plan for the use of this money. The Plan will focus on supporting OESU as a system as we look for ways to improve the educational experience for all students. A draft of our Plan which was based on our Needs Assessment can be found here on this webpage. OESU will send out a survey and collect input on our Plan and our Needs Assessment for one month during the summer. The plan will also be shared at a public meeting following the June 15, 2021 board meeting (same Zoom link). Please direct any questions or comments to the director of curriculum and federal programs grant manager: Nicole Bell, PO Box 396, Bradford VT 05033; 802-222-5216 x6113; nicole.bell@oesu

Fall 2021 Re-Opening Plan

Agency of Education: Instructional Operations for Fall 2021

As of June 7, 2021, this is the most recent guidance for the opening of schools for the 2021-2022 school year.

Fall 2020 Re-Open Plans

The following plans are the OESU Fall 2020 Re-Opening Plans. If schools should find themselves needing to pivot to an emergency situation caused by the recent pandemic, information in these plans along with any recent guidance would be used to make decisions for the safe, daily operation of schools.

Blue Mountain Union

Bradford Elementary School

Newbury Elementary School

Oxbow High School

Thetford Elementary School

Waits River Valley School

OESU Redesign Plan (draft) and Needs Assessment

Orange East conducted a review of student performance data for academics, social/emotional learning and behavior, as well as student engagement data including attendance and truancy. We also looked at data relevant to school climate and culture. The Needs Assessment shows the name of the data set we reviewed, our interpretations and our ideas for improvement. We then used those ideas to draft a Plan. Please review the Needs Assessment and the Plan and send any comments or questions to Nicole Bell, Director of Curriculum, PO 396 Bradford VT, 05033. 802-222-5216 x6113

Orange East SU Plan

Needs Assessment