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PO Box 396
Bradford, VT 05033
Phone: 802-222-5216
Fax: 802-222-4451

Physical Address: 530 Waits River Road, Bradford

Office Staff

Superintendent’s Office

Emilie Knisley, Superintendent

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x108

Bruce Williams, Assistant Superintendent

Email:| Phone: 802-222-5216 x102

Sherry Hoyt, Executive Assistant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x101


Business Office

Lori Blood, Business Manager

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x105

Bobbi Beck, Assistant Business Manager & Grants Coordinator

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x127

Bridget Tweedie, Staff Accountant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x107

Jenn Chaffee, Staff Accountant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x103

Deborah Tagliavia , Staff Accountant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x

Sue Bean, Staff Accountant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x119


Human Resources

Melanie Elliott, Director of Human Resources

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x118

Judy Colby, Human Resources & Payroll Assistant

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x121



Special Education

Alison Kidder, Director of Student Services

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x111

Marla Ianello, Early Childhood Program Director

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x123

Donna Waelter, Special Education Coordinator


Bernice Mills, Special Education Coordinator


Liz Kingsbury, Student Services Administrative Assistant

Email:| Phone: 802-222-5216 x111

Terri Pierson, Medicaid Clerk

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x112




Nicole Bell, Director of Curriculum Instruction & Assessment

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x113


Socio-Emotional Supports

Cate Beaton, MTSS Coordinator & Behavioral Interventionist

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x125


Technology & Systems Support

Mae Tucker, Data Management Coordinator

Email: | Phone: 802-222-5216 x110