In order to improve OESU’s website accessibility and comply with current ADA standards, we have moved our website from the web hosting service, Weebly, a pre-loaded, “drag-and-drop” system which doesn’t allow the customization and features necessary to ensure accessibility. Due to basic structural concerns with Weebly, we migrated the website to, and to a specific template that is preloaded with accessibility features, as well as “breadcrumbs”, allowing people to backtrack the steps they took to arrive at a particular page.

All pictures on our website, including header images, have been uploaded directly to WordPress, and we have added alt-text to each of these images, describing what is contained in each. Additionally, the text on all pages uses preloaded header types to delineate titles, headers, lists, bullet points, etc.

We’ve also tried to ensure that the only items underlined are links to avoid confusion or the appearance of “dead links.” Pages containing a large amount of content/text have also been formatted with “navigation skip” links written in HTML with descriptions stating what section of the page, clicking said link will take the user to. Finally, we’ve added a section to the footer of the website (appearing on every page) that indicates a person to contact with any issues or questions regarding the use or accessibility of the website and/or any pages and documents contained herein.

We’ve also put together an “Accessibility Information Packet”, distributed amongst OESU staff, as well as the schools in our district, outlining considerations to be made when creating and revising public-facing documents (handouts, forms, board minutes, etc.) so that those documents meet ADA compliance standards.

We are still working on additional website and document revisions to make all past, current, and future content fully accessible. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that only links are underlined and all links are active, ensuring the use of color and fonts are high contrast enough, checking that all images contain Alt-Text, all links to YouTube videos contain Closed Captioning services, and that headers and spacing are preformatted. However, as our website contains documents, forms, and school board agendas, minutes, and policies spanning six separate school districts, we have a large volume of documents and pages to revise and reformat.

We’re currently working on this backlog as much as possible, however, we advise anyone who finds a document, image, or page that is inaccessible, or is difficult to navigate/not up to standards, to notify us by emailing us at so we may look into, and fix any issues as soon as possible. Additionally, any questions or comments about the use and/or content contained on our website should be sent to: